Therapeutic Philosophy

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For hundreds of years the horse has been a presence in the creation of our world. Their innate sensitivity and alertness reads the intention of every thing, including the purity of our spirit.  Herd dynamics are a reflection of human social order where each member is valued and integral to the support of the whole; a concept that finds reference points in each participant who seeks to reclaim their space in society.

As part of SheHerdPower’s programs, horses provide an opportunity for self-reflection through clear, un-biased, non-judgmental eyes.  They mirror how we see ourselves, not just with heightened objectivity but also with greater forgiveness. Horses and humans share a similar limbic system - the emotional center of the brain and a central contributor to the formation of new memories about past experiences.

The powerful, healing dynamic between survivors of sexual trauma and horses references a shared narrative of subjugation and loss of power and provides a foundation from which empathy, trust, and understanding can emanate.  The result is the release of trauma, reclamation of voice and body, and a return to a place of power and serenity.