The SheHerdPower Weekend

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At a SheHerdPower weekend, participants engage in a variety of personal development and somatic empowerment experiences as a group, which includes on the ground immersion with horses.  While the process occurs in a group setting, personal disclosure is not a requirement and the process is highly supportive of personal evolution and growth. 

A typical weekend lasts two and a half days with participants arriving on Friday for late afternoon introductions.  Two full days of experiential learning follow, ending late on Sunday afternoon.

The program is designed to be an empowering, three-day experience that supports survivors in their healing journeys. However, it is important to note that SheHerdPower is not a substitute for professional treatment and may not be appropriate for everyone.  For some survivors, it may be important to receive therapy or other forms of treatment prior to participating in a SheHerdPower weekend.

SheHerdPower currently only offers programs to adults over the age of 18. 



Our Therapeutic Approach

Somatic Reprogramming™

Somatic Reprogramming™ is a holistic authentication process for the body, mind and spirit, developed by SheHerdPower co-founder and director of The Reflective Horse®, Cassandra Ogier.

Through somatic exercises aligned with herd structure and non-verbal communication of our horse partners, participants are able to strengthen their centered presence.  This centered presence enables them to make decisions for themselves and others based on the truth of what is happening in the moment, rather than trauma based responses associated with past experience.

Our bodies hold stored memory of trauma, shame and oppression. When we challenge ourselves through certain movements associated with claiming our individual right to space, boundary setting and honoring our inner wisdom, we release the need to protect, defend, prove or dissociate. The action of our bodies shows us our true, genuine and valid potential thus allowing the ability to stay grounded and authentic, whilst being able to perceive and hear the needs of others, a group or herd without compromise to oneself.

Somatic Reprogramming™ verifies the identity of our true nature, intuition and somatic presence through embodied action and reflective association with the structure of a horse herd. Talking and thinking our way to life changes alone does not work. We offer a holistic, embodied approach to changing our actions and reactions to support our empowered leadership and direction in the world.


Equine Guided Empowerment™

Equine Guided Empowerment™ is a second unique modality developed by SheHerdPower co-founder Cassandra Ogier.  It is the result of a life long practice of somatic presence through union with horses.

Equine Guided Empowerment™ provides an opportunity to ground and center holistically though reflection and interaction with horses. Utilizing Somatic Reprogamming™ techniques, participants are guided to align themselves in authentic leadership and reclamation of self-governance; connecting to land, ancestry, individuality and purpose. Participants experience the ability to regain their voice, advocacy and sense of true self, so that they can in turn commit to their values and unique role in the world at a time of global crisis.

Horses are naturally and intrinsically grounded in their own sense of self, their individuality as unique expressive beings, as well as an awareness of their oneness in connection to the herd. A single horse is vulnerable, anxious, shut down from freedom through isolation. A horse subjugated to perform at the will of another through domination and control experiences trauma, restriction and a loss of true spirit. When horses are free, we see clearly how they reflect the power and grounded majesty that is their life-rite.

As humans, we can likely relate to aspects of cultural subjugation and reflect on living our life for another; a parent, spouse, establishment, for acceptance of a group, community or culture; losing sight of our own individual passion, direction, morals and dreams. Equine Guided Empowerment™ offers an occasion to re-align and take action for one’s self and our life-rite in the presence of horses as our spiritual guides.